Grilled Nutella & Raspberry Sandwich

2 02 2011

Nutella has to be one of the best things ever invented! A chocolate hazelnut spread that, lets be honest, is more chocolate than anything.  The best part is the commercials.  If you have ever seen one they say that it is part of a nutritional breakfast. Funny thing is that when I compared it to the peanut butter in my pantry it was more unhealthy than the peanut butter.  But who cares, it tastes delicious and I don’t mind having it for breakfast with a cup of coffee every once in awhile.  Or everyday as the case may be.


The other day I found a great recipe for a Nutella and raspberry sandwich just as my husband was about to spread it on a tortilla and microwave it for his dessert.  Luckily I stoped that and we made these instead.  They are amazing with the warm Nutella and raspberry jam mixing together and oozing out the sides.  A great dessert!


Grilled Nutella & Raspberry Sandwich

~ butter

~ 2 slices of bread

~ Nutella

~ Raspberry jam or jelly


Heat up a skillet on the stove. Spread the outside of each piece of bread with butter.  Then spread the inside of each piece of bread with the Nutella and raspberry jam.  Grill in a pan until golden brown, then flip and repeat on the other side. (Just like a grilled cheese sandwich)

Click Below to Print Recipe

Grilled Nutella & Raspberry Sandwich



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