Eggs Benedict

4 04 2011

A Christmas Tradition in our family was on Christmas morning after all the presents were open we would have Eggs Benedict for breakfast.  I love eating eggs Benedict with a great Hollandaise sauce.  As long as I can remember we had Eggs Benedict and I loved it.  I have ordered it a few times over the years while out eating and they never taste quite the same as my moms.  I think the secret is having fresh lemon juice in the Hollandaise sauce.  My mom would always take a short walk to the back yard and pick one off the tree to make the Hollandaise sauce.  I don’t know why but I have never made them at home.  I guess I always figured they were just to hard to make.  This weekend we gave it a try and let me tell you, they aren’t hard at all.  Pretty simple if you ask me.  Hope you family enjoys them as much as mine does.


Eggs Benedict

~ 3 egg yolks

~ 2 tsp. fresh lemon juice

~ 1/4 tsp. salt

~ Dash of cayenne pepper

~ 1/2 cup melted hot butter

~ 4 eggs

~ 1 tsp. distilled white vinegar

~ 4 pieces of Canadian bacon

~ 2 English muffins


1. Combine egg yolks, lemon juice, salt and cayenne in blender. Turn machine on and off several times to blend. With motor running, add hot melted butter in a slow steady stream to blender ingredients. Keep sauce warm until serving time by placing it in a small covered bowl which is placed in a shallow pan of very warm water. Makes 1 cup.

2. Fill a large saucepan with 3-4 inches of water. Bring water to a gentle simmer, then add the vinegar. Carefully break eggs into simmering water. Cook for about 3 minutes. Yolks should still be a bit soft in the center. Remove eggs from water with a slotted spoon and gently place then on a plate. Keep eggs warm until serving.

3. Brown Canadian bacon in a skillet over medium-high heat and toast the English muffins. To build place English muffin halves on a plate and place one piece of Canadian bacon on top of each half. Then place one poached egg on top of each. Pour some Hollandaise Sauce over the top and enjoy.

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Eggs Benedict



3 responses

4 04 2011
Rufus' Food and Spirit Guide

What a great tradition. No matter what time of day I see a picture of eggs benedict, I want some!

14 04 2012
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