Alphabet Game

4 05 2011

My daughter went to preschool for the last few months and while there she learned her phonics through a program called Zoo Phonics. It was a great program that taught the letter, the sound, and an action. There are many programs out there that do the same thing. Such a cute and fun way to learn your letter sounds. Since she knew that I wanted to make sure we kept practicing it and that she was able to recall them out of order. I also noticed that she only learned her upper case letters and wanted to make sure that she understood that there were lower case letters as well.


With this in mind I grabbed some cheap paper plates and wrote both the lower case and upper case letter on each plate so that we had the whole alphabet.


I then took all the plates and spread them out all over the floor. I would then say a letter and she had to find the letter stand on the plate and do the action while making the sound. She had a lot of fun running around the room searching for the letter.


The best part was that my 1 1/2 year old son would run after her and stand on the same plate and try to copy his sister. A lot of fun and a really cheap and easy game to make. For the clean up I made her bring me each letter in order starting with the letter A. A game we will defiantly be playing again soon.



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4 05 2011

So cute!!!

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