Alphabet Cards

6 05 2011

My daughter loves to play games. Memory, go fish, Hi Ho Cherry O, Candy land, you name it and she is game to play it. Since she has this love for games I found balloon alphabet cards you can print off to play many different cards games with. If you want them to last longer coat them in clear contact paper and you then have alphabet cards to use.


The cards have both the upper case and lower case letters which makes them great for playing memory or go fish. You can also use them as flash cards but it is way more fun to play a game. I cut mine out and then went down to my local Wal-Mart and bought clear contact paper to coat them in. The contact paper is found on the same isle as the shelf paper. Simple to make and is going to provide us with hours of educational fun.

If you want some other style of alphabet cards check out the flower cards or candy cards. You can also print them in black and white but I thought color would be more fun.

Black and white balloon cards

Black and white candy cards

Black and white flower cards

Color Balloon cards

Color Flower cards

Color Candy cards



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