Kids Music

2 06 2011

Most parents learn really quickly how much their children love music to dance and sing to. Once they buy a few kids CD’s they also learn how annoying they can be when there are played over and over again. I always tell my husband that I feel like I am in an insane asylum because the kids music is making me crazy. However after a few bad buys I have found a few CD’s that I would recommend to other parents.


The first is a a set of 3 CD’s that I used all the time while I was teaching. The songs help with character building and are a part of Something Good Inc. What I like about them is that they sound like songs you would hear on the radio but the lyrics talk about things like staying away from strangers. My daughter has become very fond of them, her favorite is “Buckle Up” and she sings it all the time in the car. I taught 4th grade and these were always a hit in my classroom. The kids loved to sing along while doing a project and I also love to sing along as well since they are so catchy.


The other CD’s that we fell in love with are by Fisher Price Little People. You can usually find them in the baby section of the store. They have many different CD’s, we have “Sing Along Favorites” and “Let’s Go to the Zoo”. We liked that they weren’t that expensive to buy and they had many songs that my husband and I remember from when we were kids. They are sung by kid sounding voices that aren’t to annoying. “Lets Go to the Zoo” takes familiar songs and changes them just a bit to fit an animal. Our daughter loves them both and has listened to them for hours.

One thing I would do so that you don’t lose your mind with kids CD’s is make sure your have a variety. We have them on our computer so that in an hour I don’t have to listen to the same set of songs 5 times. This helps you keep some sanity! What CD’s are your families favorite? What do you do so that you don’t feel like you are losing your mind to kids songs?




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