Alphabet Word Book

10 06 2011

So know that my daughter has her alphabet down we have been working on being able to hear what letter a word begins with. This can be easier said than done. Even simple words have a lot of sounds to them and that makes it hard to hear what the sound the word starts with. Not only that be as we all know most letters make more than one sound which really makes things tricky.

A great resource for all things preschool is Fishing For Ideas For Preschoolers. That is where I found the printable Alphabet Word Book.


This book has every letter of the alphabet and 2 words per letter that start with that letter. You are supposed to cut out all the letters and then have your preschooler glue them onto the correct page.


I wanted something that we could reuse so that we could have lots of practice as well as learn some new words other than the sight words we have been practicing. So what I did was cut them all out and then laminate them with contact paper. I then placed Velcro onto the words as well as the letter page. This way they can be put onto the page and then taken off so that we can reuse this activity. To keep it all together I made a book out of it by punching a hole in the top and placing them all on a book ring.


So now we have a great way to learn some new words and try to figure out what letter they start with. A fun way to learn some beginning letter sounds.

Alphabet Word Book in Color

Alphabet Word Book in Black & White



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