What was in those baskets on June 11th

11 06 2011

What a great basket this week. Full of lots of summer time fruits and veggies. I am so excited to see peaches and pears in our baskets. Thanks for all the great volunteers that came out to help this week, we really couldn’t do it without all of you.


This weeks basket had apples, artichokes, bananas, bell peppers, cantaloupe, lettuce, peaches, pears, sweet chili peppers, onions, tomatoes, and watermelon.

A great website if you have never cooked or eaten artichokes is how to cook and eat an artichoke. We steam ours and then dip the leaves in either butter or mayo. The best part is the heart when you get all done with the leaves!

A recently found a refreshing fruit drink called a Salpicon and it looked so refreshing and uses a lot of the fruit in our baskets. Plus you can substitute in whatever you have on hand. It was on Gina’s Skinny Recipes.

One of my favorite ways to use the sweet chili peppers is to cut them up along with mushrooms and sauté then. Add olives and cooked sweet sausage along with marinara and serve over pasta. A quick week night meal.

If you are looking for a cool and refreshing dinner to use up some of your salad ingredients from your basket try my Taco Salad, Greek Salad, or BBQ chicken Salad recipes. All three are great and would use up your lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and whatever else you choose to throw into it.

I hope you all enjoyed your basket as much as we enjoy ours and feel free to share you recipes. See you all next week!



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12 06 2011

I’d like to see some more recipes for those chilis. I’ve never used them before!

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