What was in those baskets on June 18th

18 06 2011

This week’s basket had apples, bananas, blackberries, cabbage, cantaloupe, celery, cucumber, lettuce, tomato’s, pineapple, plums, sweet chili peppers, and spinach.

My family’s favorite way to use up our cabbage is to make cabbage salad and in the warmer summer months it is a very refreshing side dish. Check out some of my other salad recipes for a light summer dinner.

I really enjoyed the Purple Cow Frozen Yogurt that I made awhile back and would be a great way to use your blackberries if they are not gone before the day ends.

Check out the spinach recipes for some great ideas but keep in mind that any recipe that calls for frozen spinach you can use your bundle of fresh spinach in place of the frozen. Just wash it off and throw it in a pan to wilt it down.

If you are barbecuing and need a great summer time dessert go ahead and make some barbecued pineapple.

Hope everyone enjoyed there baskets this week and keep checking back for more recipe ideas. Have a great week and I will see everyone next Saturday.



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