What was in those baskets on June 25th

25 06 2011

This weeks basket was full of fruit! So excited to get so many peaches, plums, and mango’s. My kids will be in fruit heaven. Thanks to all the volunteers that came out in the heat to help unload the truck and sort produce.


This weeks basket had apples, bananas, limes, mango’s, blackberries, plums, strawberries, cabbage, celery, carrots, green onions, cherry tomatoes, and lettuce.

I was very excited to see cabbage in my basket because my family loves cabbage salad. It is a great summer salad and would use your cabbage, green onions and you could also grate in some carrots.

For the fruit I am not sure if any of it will last long enough for me to make something with it but I am hopefully that the strawberries will make it so that I can make strawberry lemonade again. If you are looking for a great summer time dessert check out the strawberry cake recipe. Reminded me of strawberry shortcake!

I am planning on making the blackberry cake again this week with my blackberries.


This week I also got the Mexican pack and it came with cilantro, onion, garlic, limes, sweet peppers, tomatillos, grey squash, green onions, jalapenos, and Serrano peppers.

I plan on making enchiladas verdes with my tomatillos, jalapenos, onion, garlic, and cilantro. But also give the chile relleno pie a try to use your Serrano peppers.

Keep checking back to see what else I come up with for other things in my basket. I hope everyone enjoys their baskets this week and I will see you next Saturday!



2 responses

25 06 2011
Becky Ruths

Any way you could point out which is which? I also got this pack, but have no idea which is which.

25 06 2011

No problem. The little red and yellow peppers are sweet peppers. Very similar to bell peppers. You can use them the same as you would bell peppers. The medium sized green ones are jalapenos. To cut down the heat make sure you remove the seeds. If you like things spicy keep the seeds in since they are were most of the heat is. The large green peppers are the Serrano peppers. These peppers can be stuffed since they are milder in flavor. Hope this helps!

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