What was in those baskets on August 13th.

13 08 2011

What a great week this week was. We had cloudy weather and not the huge wind gusts that we usually have here in Kingman. Even better we had the best volunteers show up and help us out. We got started 15 minutes earlier than our pick up time! Awesome job, we couldn’t do it with out all of you wonderful volunteers.


This week we got corn, red bell peppers, tomatoes, mango’s, plums, strawberries, bananas, cantaloupe, lettuce, and grapes.

If your strawberries last before tomorrow then try this great Strawberry Cake or just dip all of your fruit in Fruit Dip.

I know at our site a lot of people got multiple bags of carrots so why not make Carrot and Raisin Salad or throw them into Lettuce wraps. If you still have a lot left don’t forget that you can cut them up and freeze them. Then when you need them in a recipe just throw them in frozen.

I still have lots of tomatoes from last week and have never made sauce so I am looking for more tomato recipes. But here are a few great recipes that would use up some of those tomatoes. Tomato and Basil Brushetta, Taco Salad, Greek Chicken Wraps, BBQ Chicken Salad, or Greek Salad.

Let me know what you are making and enjoy all your bounty!



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