Halloween Wreath

14 10 2011

Since I left my job as a teacher to stay at home with my two small children I have missed some of the fun holiday things that happened around school. For each holiday or month I would decorate my room for the occasion. Sometimes it would be just a few things and depending on the holiday it would be a bit more. I also miss the fun activities and crafts that went along with it.

Once I saw this lovely tutorial on how to make a Tulle Wreath over at Our Best Bites I just knew I would give it a try. Since I don’t have a lot of time with swim season going on it looked simple enough to pull together.

I cut the tulle and tied it around a 8 inch foam wreath while watching TV one night. Today while catching up on some DVR during nap time I decorated the rest of the wreath. I think it turned out super cute and very festive for the upcoming Halloween Holiday!

The other fun thing about this is you can make a wreath for any season, holiday, or occasion by switching up your color scheme. The possibilities are endless. Have fun crafting!


~ 8” wreath forms

~ 2 spools of Tulle (50 yards each)

~ ribbon, flowers, or anything else you wish to decorate with

1. Figure out how long you want your strips of tulle to be and then cut multiple strips at that length.

2. Tie the pieces of tulle around your wreath using whatever knot you wish. As you finish the knots push them together to the desired coverage.

3. Decorate your wreath with bows, flowers, ribbon, etc.



2 responses

14 10 2011
Sara @ Our Best Bites

ooh, LOVE it! Thanks for sharing!

14 10 2011
Steph @ Crafting in the Rain

Yours turned out really cute!

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