Alphabet Flash Cards

1 02 2012

Like many of you out there with preschoolers one of the first things that your kids learn is the alphabet. I am sure that many of you already know that just because they learn it, if they don’t use it they will forget it pretty quickly. We are finding that out with our daughter. She knew all her ABC’s but hasn’t used some of them since preschool has started and so she is a bit rusty on them.


I was super excited when I found these alphabet flash cards because they have not just the letters but also a word that starts with the letter and a picture as well as both the upper and lower case letters. This is great for preschoolers to start seeing and hopefully recognizing words and it could be great for English Language learners because if they need help figuring out what the word is the picture then becomes a clue. So many fun uses for these and they of course were a really big hit in my house.


I of course laminated my cards so they would stand up to my 2 little kids. Enjoy your Alphabet flash cards!



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1 02 2012

Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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