Fruit Smoothie

19 03 2012

I know that there are hundreds of smoothie recipes out there and all of them are different in there own ways. This recipe is however my favorite of all time and the main reason why is because it is super easy (I have the recipe in my head) and it is really easy to change it up based on your likes or dislikes.


You can use whole milk, 2%, skim, and probably even soy or almond milk if you like (although I have never tried it with that). You use yogurt in this recipe so you can use full fat yogurt, low fat, or Greek based on your likes. Just keep in mind that if you use a lower fat yogurt you may need to sweeten your smoothie with a bit of honey if you like things sweeter. Again this goes back to what your likes are.


When I can get a great deal on flats of berries I buy them in season and freeze them so that I can make smoothies all year round. Same thing goes for fresh peaches, nectarines, mangoes, or any other kind of fruit for that matter.


Just wash and prepare your fruit then spread on a cookie sheet and freeze for a couple of hours. Once the fruit is set then dump into a Ziploc bag and stick back in the freezer. Then you are able to scoop out what you need when you need it and throw it into a blender.


Fruit Smoothie

~ 1 cup milk

~ 1 cup yogurt

~ 1 banana

~ 1 cup frozen strawberries or any other fruit

~ 1 cup frozen peaches or any other fruit

Place all the above ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Makes two smoothies.

* For one smoothie use 1/2 a cup of all ingredients

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Fruit Smoothie



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