Bountiful Baskets

Bountiful Baskets in California

Could it be, Bountiful Baskets in California?? I know many people have wondered when it would happen, how it would happen, and if it would ever happen. Right now it is in the works to bring Bountiful Baskets to California. To help us out we need you to do a few things for us. First, go to and register for a free account. This helps show that there is a need and a want for Bountiful Baskets in California. Second, hope on over to their Facebook page and like the page. This will help you get updates about when and where Bountiful Baskets will be when it finally gets to California. I love Bountiful Baskets and am so happy that soon it will be a part of my families dinner table as well as so many of my neighbors.

Time to Get Online to Get a Basket

I am so excited to announce that Bountiful Baskets will now be every Saturday in Kingman and will be offering organic baskets for an extra $10 every week as well. The website opens up on Monday at noon and they usually go fast.  Don’t miss out on getting your basket!  Basket pickup is on Saturday 12:00 am. Volunteer time is 11:00 am. We are now running at the Kingman Academy of Learning (KAOL) Primary School. Hope to see you there.

Bountiful Baskets First Day in Kingman

Wow, what a great day in Kingman.  Bountiful Baskets had a lot of excited people and a lot of great produce delivered to Kingman.  We had a great turn out of volunteers to help unload the truck and sort produce.  If you don’t want to miss out on the action go to on Monday, Feb 21st 2011 to sign up for a basket.  The basket pick up will be on Saturday, Feb 26th 2011.  Hope to see you there!

Another reason why Bountiful Baskets is Amazing

Check it out, Bountiful Baskets was named the best Food Co-op in 2010 by the Phoenix New Times.  A great recognition for a great co-op.  Great job ladies!

How to get your own basket

I lived in Utah for 5 years and while I was there I was fortunate to learn about a food co-op called Bountiful Baskets.  It was a great way for me to provide my family with lots of fresh fruits and veggies at a great price.  Not to mention I was able to volunteer which helped out my community and allowed me to meet some great people.  Sadly my husband got a job in Kingman, Az and we had to move.  I was so sad to learn that Kingman did not have a Bountiful Basket.  I have been working very hard to bring it to Kingman and I am happy to say that the time has come.  On February 12th 2011 I will run Kingman’s first Bountiful Basket.  Many of you have heard about this great food co-op so now I would like to walk you through the process of getting your self a basket on Saturday.

The first thing that you need to do is go to Once you are there you need to create an account by clicking on Register for an Account

Register for account

Now that you have an account you have to wait until the site opens up.  The site opens up on Mondays at noon and stays open until Tuesday at 10pm or until the baskets are all taken.  When the site opens up you will click on the Participate Now link on the left hand side.

Participate Now

Once there select Arizona and make sure that the date matches the day you are planning on picking up.  The picture below does not show the correct date.


Next you will need to select your site from the drop down menu (Kingman – Neal Butler Park).  Then choose how many baskets you want up to 3. Click yes on First Time Basket, you will only have to do this your first time even if you pick up at a different location in the future.  Then if you want any of the extras that are offered that week type in the number you want.  Extras are things like breads, granola, cases of seasonal fruits and veggies, olive oil, hone and many other yummy things.  Keep in mind that the extras change from week to week.  Once you have everything that you want click the submit button on the bottom.


Once you click submit you are taken to your cart.  At this point make sure that everything you want is correct.  Once you type in your credit card and click submit your contribution is final and there is no refunds or changes to it.  If everything is correct click checkout and then follow the checkout instructions.


Once you are all done you should be able to print a receipt with a confirmation number.  You should also receive an immediate confirmation email from bountiful baskets as your receipt.  Please bring this with you AND something to take your produce home in (a laundry basket, box, bags, etc.)

13 responses

18 04 2011
Ken Jacobi

I picked up my food basket (s) in Kingman on 4/16. This was my first time participating.
I was amazed at how much food I was able to take home.
I didnt know what to expect for my $37.50….I think I over did it a bit.
My whole kitchen tabel was totally covered with great looking food.
I would like to thank those that made this all possible. I have been unemployed for
a year now,,,this really helps a lot. God Bless you all.
Ken Jacobi

29 08 2011
Lindsay Dowrick

I was so excited when Golden Valley opened a site three weeks ago (closer to me and I had more leeway on time to order!) but then today it wasn’t listed in the locations page. Any idea what happened? Lack of interest? Lack of volunteers? Or just a glitch?
Thanks. By the way – love your recipes and “what we got in our basket today” feature! Keep up the good work.

30 08 2011

They had to shut down the site this week because both of the VSC’s were going to be gone this week. They will be up and running next week! Glad you enjoy your Bountiful Baskets!

14 11 2011

What is the Hostess pack that is offered this week?

15 11 2011

Bountiful Baskets is hoping for 10 lb potatoes, yams, green beans, pineapple, onions, celery, carrots, parsnips, parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme in the Hostess pack this year.

27 12 2011
Rhonda Brooks

I really want to participate but I can’t seem to pin down the exact dates for Kingman. Do you have an official schedule?

27 12 2011

Bountiful Baskets is taking a 2 week break over the holidays so the next day to participate is January 2nd at noon. They usually go before 5 pm on Monday night so make sure you get on early. The basket pick up will be on January 7th at noon at the KAOL Primary school. Hope that helps.

27 12 2011
Rhonda Brooks

Thank you and Happy New Year!

11 02 2012
Sharon Benjamin

If I don’t have a printer can I write the numbers on a piece of paper and still pick up

11 02 2012

Yes, of course you can. We just need to confirm your contribution number.

14 03 2012
Anna G

I want to thank you for all the great work that you are doing. you bless so many lives and make things easier. Thank you! i would like to ask when is Hostess pack is available? is it available for all sites and cities?

14 03 2012

The hostess pack is usually offered around Thanksgiving and Christmas and usually contains things that would often be used in dishes for those occasions. You never know what extras will be offered from week to week so if you see something you like get it or else you might miss out! Glad you enjoy Bountiful Baskets 🙂

18 03 2012
Anna G

Thank you very much for the answer:)

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